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UV lamp - UV light - Xupurui

Here is a list of FAQ and Corresponding answers. If you want more information, contact us and we are available 7X24.

Q1: Is your company a factory or trading business?

A1: We are a factory manufacturing UV lamp.

Q2: MOQ?

A2: 7 pieces UV lamps if don’t have in store.

Q3: What types of payment do you support?

A3We accept TT, PayPal, and Western Union.

Q4: Which ports are available?

A4Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin.

Q5: Shipping available?

A5: EMS / TNT / UPS / DHL / FedEx / air cargo / ocean shipping.

Q6: I don’t know the lamp parameters. How to deal with it?

A6Simply send the replaced used UV lamps to us. It need not be new but must light.

Q7: Quality assurance?

A7:Guarantee lifetime is 800 hours, but it can reach more than 1000 even 2000 hours, that’s our clients’ feedback. If can’t reach, we’ll replace for you.

Q8: How do you control the quality of the company?

A8We begin quality control from raw materials. 20 year experience engineers guide production. And stable and professional technical workers engaged in production.

Q9: Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?

A9Our factory is located in Zhuozhou city, Hebei Province, China. From Beijing to Zhuozhuo is only about 1.5 bus hour.

Application classification

  • Curing applications
  • Surface treatment
  • Water treatment
  • Air treatment
  • Photochemical

Mainly product

Medium – High Pressure Mercury Lamp, AG Halide Lamp, Metal Lalide Lamp,Xenon(HID)Lamp,UV Lamp, IR Lamp,Low Frequency EPS, Transformer, Capacitor, Ballast, Trigger, Lamp Reflector, Water-cool/Air-cool Shutter Lamp House, Quartz Plate, Reflective Aluminum, UV energy Meter, Teflon Mesh Conveyer Belt,UV Curing Machine, Portable Curing System, UV Coating Curing

Company Industry Sector

UV curing coating, water UV coating dry curing, UV ink curing dry, UV vacuum plating primer curing dry, UV curing mentallic coating, UV curing varnish, stone UV curing coating, fibre-optical UV curing coating, steel tube antiseptic UV curing coating, UV print dry curing, UV screen print dry curing, part presswork UV polising curing, wood UV coaing dry curing, coil coating UV cruing, building material assembling UV curing coating, UV light optical test,UV light uv chemistry experiment, UV light uv againt test, package pringting, optical fiber, bamboo and wood coating, pringting,electronic, LCD,adhesive, wood industry, outsole glue, EVA material irradiate, pvc plastic film printing, plastic product shell spraying, curing mental, plastic, stone, board, leather, T-shirt, paper board, composite board

Contact Us
  • Add:South side of Sanyi Roud, Zhuozhou City072750, Hebei Province, China
  • Tel(WatsApp):+8618733295583
  • Skype: beckyxpr janexpr
  • E-mail:xprlamps@gmail.com
  • Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/liu.fengkun

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