• Metal halide UV lamps
  • Metal halide UV lamps
  • Metal halide UV lamps

Metal halide UV lamps


The spectral energy of metal halide lamp fits the absorption spectrum of some materials very well to generate rapid curing reactions. Metal halide lamp can be widely applied in films, screen printing, OCB, diazonium films, plate exposure, UV paint, uv ink and paint, dry and wet films, screen printing, notes, cards, paper, metal printing and surface coating. It applies to Heidelberg, Roland, Komori, Mitsubishi and KBA offset presses including:

  • hardening reaction in film
  • screen exposure
  • PCB exposure
  • Diazo film
  • Photopolymer photopolymer
  • Daylight film exposure systems
  • Liquid photosensitive resist


  • Quicker start
  • Shorter exposure time
  • Higher intensityg
  • Longer lifetime
  • More stable

Metal halide lamps have many advantages, such as the longest lifetime, the shortest exposure time, rapid lighting, maximum optical energy and stable operating performance.



350nm to 380nm


Mercury / Gallium / Halide

Input voltage

220V / 380V

Power output

0.5kw~22kw Can be customized

Arc length

50mm to 2000mm

Lamp density

30/80/120/160/200/240/300 w/cm


GE quartz glass tube

Tube Diameter

13mm to 40mm

End caps

Ceramic / metal ( more than 100 kinds)




  • 1. CE approved.
  • 2. High purity US GE quartz glass tube.
  • 3. 16-year-factory in manufacturing UV lamps.
  • 4. 800-1000 hours lifetime.
  • 5. Custom-made available.
  • 6. Factory direct sale.
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