• Label printing UV lamp
  • Label printing UV lamp
  • Label printing UV lamp

Label printing UV lamp

UV lamps in the wavelength range of 365nm to 400nm are particularly effective in curing UV photosensitive ink. With use of the UV inks and coatings increased, ultraviolet curing lamp has been a steady, healthy growth in narrow band label & packaging industry, including:

  • Medical labels
  • Industrial labels
  • Food & Beverage labels
  • Business cards
  • Beauty & Personal Care
  • Flexible Packaging


  • Instant drying
  • High gloss coating
  • not dehydrated or blistered
  • Strong adhesion

Our benefits

  • 1. CE approved.
  • 2. High purity US GE quartz glass tube.
  • 3. 16-year-factory in manufacturing UV lamps.
  • 4. 800-1000 hours lifetime.
  • 5. Custom-made available.

For decades, Xupurui has manufactured more than 1000 kinds of UV lamps used in flexographic and letterpress printing of labels, stickers, and flexible packaging. We have mastered the complete technology and experience in the manufacturing process. We always supply UV products meeting or exceeding original specifications, while saving money. 



350nm to 380nm


Mercury / Gallium / Halide

Input voltage

220V / 380V

Power output

0.5kw~22kw Can be customized

Arc length

50mm to 2000mm

Lamp density

30/80/120/160/200/240/300 w/cm


GE quartz glass tube

Tube Diameter

13mm to 40mm

End caps

Ceramic / metal ( more than 100 kinds)



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