• UV lamps for optical media applications
  • UV lamps for optical media applications
  • UV lamps for optical media applications

UV lamps for optical media applications

UV lamps play an important role in optical media production, including UV printing, lacquering and bonding. Xupurui supply the most cost-effective UV lamps to manufacturers and wholesalers in optical media applications such as:

CD&DVD printing

Most CDs and DVDs are printed with UV-cured inks. When CDs/DVDs need printing or decorating on the surface, UV curing lamps have usually been selected to achieve higher cure efficiency.

Clear coatings curing

UV clear coatings lamps are currently applied in protecting data on discs. By exposure to UV lamps, protective clear coatings can be easily cured to provide CDs/DVDs with superior adhesion and abrasion.

CD&DVD Bonding

365nm UV light can easily penetrate polycarbonate substrate (about 0.6mm) and then reach the bonding adhesive. Without optically defects and additional tilt, UV lamps can solve a variety of problems for CD&DVD manufacturers.

Product specification

Item No.


Total Length

Arc Length

Tube Diameter

Lamp Base


Watts Per Inch



430mm (16.9’’)

355mm (14’’)

28mm (1.1’’)



400 WPI



350nm to 380nm


Mercury / Gallium / Halide

Input voltage

220V / 380V

Power output

0.5kw~22kw Can be customized

Arc length

50mm to 2000mm

Lamp density

30/80/120/160/200/240/300 w/cm


GE quartz glass tube

Tube Diameter

13mm to 40mm

End caps

Ceramic / metal ( more than 100 kinds)



We will also customize our products for your requirements and demand characteristics. Contact our sales department for details.

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