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UV Electronic power supply - UV lamp

UV Electronic power supply

Uploaded in 2019

UV electronic Power Supplies are the most efficient and energy saving electronic ballast products on the market.

Infrared heating lamp - UV lamp

Infrared heating lamp

Uploaded in 2019

XUPURUI is a leading manufacturer of infrared, infrared lamp, twin tube heating quartz elements, replacement quartz infrared heating lamps, and infrared lamp with gold reflector.

iodine gallium uv lamp - UV lamp

iodine gallium uv lamp

Uploaded in 2019

Plate burning lamps are the development of high pressure mercury lamp with iron or gallium doped. With the help of these additional metal halides.

Metal halide UV lamp - UV lamp

Metal halide UV lamp

Uploaded in 2019

The spectral energy of metal halide lamp fits the absorption spectrum of some materials very well to generate rapid curing reactions.

Replacement UV lamp - UV lamp

Replacement UV lamp

Uploaded in 2019

From our comprehensive selection, we can provide the best alternative to the original brand manufacturer.

UV inkjet lamp - UV lamp

UV inkjet lamp

Uploaded in 2019

Xupurui UV devotes to supply the most cost-effective UV inkjet lamps for digital inkjet single-color and multi-color print solutions.

UV Mercury lamp - UV lamp

UV Mercury lamp

Uploaded in 2019

Standard UV curing lamps, also called UV lamps, are core parts of surface light curing industry.

Label printing UV lamp - UV lamp

Label printing UV lamp

Uploaded in 2019

UV lamps in the wavelength range of 365nm to 400nm are particularly effective in curing UV photosensitive ink.

Optical media applications uv lamp - UV lamp

UV lamps in the wavelength range of 365nm to 400nm are particularly effective in curing UV photosensitive ink.

PCB exposure uv lamp - UV lamp

PCB exposure uv lamp

Uploaded in 2019

Most pre-coated PCBs have a good response for a 350-450nm spectrum. With uniformity of UV exposure, metal halide UV lamps can be used for PCB Manufacturing.

Shoes irradiation uv lamp - UV lamp

Shoes irradiation uv lamp

Uploaded in 2019

Ultraviolet light discharged by UV lamps irradiates UV adhesive, making a better affinity between EVA shoe sole and vamp.

UV printing lamp - UV lamp

UV printing lamp

Uploaded in 2019

UV lamps have been successfully applied in UV printing applications including packaging, labels, job printing and special UV applications.

UV wood finishing lamp - UV lamp

UV wood finishing lamp

Uploaded in 2019

In almost all floor finishing markets, UV coatings are considered to be the highest of quality.

UV aging test lamp - UV lamp

UV aging test lamp

Uploaded in 2019

Ultraviolet light in the sunlight is harmful to materials including plastics, polymers and composites (fading, cracking, peeling, chalking, oxidation, etc).

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