• UV lamp reflectors and liners
  • UV lamp reflectors and liners
  • UV lamp reflectors and liners

UV lamp reflectors and liners

Xupurui supplies UV lamp reflector as well as liners. And we can customize to meet the customers'exact needs.


More than 50% of the UV energy will be dissipated due to no UV reflector configuration.

UV reflectors can be mounted as part of UV curing system. These are commonly used in generating and enhancing UV output from UV curing arc lamps, metal halide lamps Fe doped or Ga doped.


  • UV reflectance > 90%
  • Customized available
  • Elliptical type ,parabolic type , specific geometry type
  • Conducive to heat


Reflecting rate

98% / 95% / 86%


Standard aluminum

Reflector liner

Imported polished aluminum

Liner thickness

 0.3mm ( 12’’) / 0.5mm( 20’’)

Arc bending


Customize made


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